Diamond Sharpening Steel
Wusthof Diamond Sharpening Steel 23cm Diamond Sharpening Steel Used to resharpen knife blade edges.
26cm Frying Pan
20cm Frying Pan
Cook's Case - Empty
Wusthof Cooks Case Empty 10-Slot Case with Strap Used to safely store and transport knives, ready for use.
Haptiq 32cm Chef Pan
SCANPAN HaptIQ 32cm Chef Pan With Lid 32cm Chef Pan Featuring Stratanium + non stick The chef pan is a very overlooked product. It gives you a large frying surface and lovely high edges, making the pan suitable for many...
Scanpan 10pc Cookware Set
Contains: 16cm Saucepan With Lid 18cm Saucepan With Lid 20cm Frying Pan 26cm Frying Pan 26cm Dutch Oven With Lid 28cm Saute Pan With Lid Featuring SCANPANs revolutionary Stratanium+ non-stick which has been created to surpass all previous coatings, as...
£999.00 £699.00
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